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obama said he would do something no president has done since 1979, speak directly to the leaders of iran. it became a central issue of the campaign. >> it's hard to see what such a summit with president ahmadinejad would actually gain except an earful of anti-semitic rants and a worldwide audience for a man who denies one holocaust and talks before frenzied crowds about starting another! >> the conservative media machine jumped on the chance to characterize the young senator as weak. >> but we have a candidate who says we'll talk to the state sponsor of hamas, syria's al assad, and we'll speak to them without condition. >> but obama responded by reiterating his intent to do something that the u.s. had all but abandoned, practice diplomacy. >> if george bush and john mccain have a problem with direct diplomacy led by the president of the united states, then they can explain why they have a problem with john f. kennedy, because that's what he did with khrushchev, or ronald reagan, because that's what he did with gorbachev, or richard nixon, because that's what they did with mao. that's the
that. and he didn't hate barack obama in the process, he deserves credit for not hating barack obama. >> that is a low bar. >> it is a low bar, he cleared it. but this is so important, this is the first time i have actually heard broken down what did he actually do to earn this rapturous response from the media? >> yeah, i thought it was actually crazy, he is talking about the response after sandy which is actually people coming together after sandy. which again, i am not raining on. it is an amazing thing. >> it had nothing to do -- he had nothing to do with it. when he put together himself that it was his alchemy of him bringing together people suffering after the tragedy, and yeah, the one thing he could do, above and beyond the neighbors coming together, is to deliver the federal aid in a timely fashion, and he failed at that. >> is that how you feel, andrea? >> absolutely, i can't believe with the special election they found the money to fund this project, and you found the money, yet a year later you can't find the money to funnel the funds to people who need it. it is absolute
, quote, health law rollout stumbles. draw parallels to bush's hurricane response. of course, obama's katrina is such a lame, played out right wing mean that it was already a daily show punch line all the back back in 2009. daft, semantically bankrupt, you hear any time anything goes badly in america since 2009 in america. >> it's been called obama's katrina. >> is this obama's katrina. >> president obama's katrina. >> crazy. it's like no matter what happens during the obama administration, there's the perfect bush [ bleep ] up. for the occasion. >> good health care could be obama's iraq? >> is this as some are suggesting, barack obama's enron. >> this could be obama's 9/11. >> are we now watching obama's mission accomplished speech? >> they have their heck of a job up brownie moment. >> this is obama's my pet goat moment. >> the crazy part is, it's conservatives and republicans that are in the biggest rush to make the comparisons. remember that terrible thing that bush did that we thought for eight years to convince you wasn't bad but actually good? well, now we use those very inci
obama care at thanksgiving. let's say you are tired of talking about health care and you want to bring up guns. bloomberg's mayors against illegal guns and the nra have released competing guides on both sides. the conservative red is a guide on how to talk to liberals. for liberals with the one conservative uncle, they have put together a website called your conservative if you want to study whatnot to do, read this great cook piece in which she describes how to pick fights at thanksgiving dinner. what should we fight about? israel and how much should i drink? as much as you can. we are going to talk tonight about political topics that might come up at your thanksgiving dinner. before we do, i want to establish some basic ground rules. to help me do so, i would like to welcome sam cedar, nancy giles, contributor of cbs sunday morning. josh barrel, politics editor, and comedian, liz winstead. great to have you here. >> lovely napkins. >> thank you very much. >> i'm eating. >> you can eat. >> liz brought a pie. >> the carol merrill thing. >> there we go. first off, i
president obama judicial nominee today, senate majority leader harry reid is strongly hinting he is are ready to push the button. ready to do the one thing he can do, the thing he could have done all along to end this epidemic of republican filibusters. harry reid today says he's actively considering the nuclear option. >> president and democratic senators are pondering the nuclear option. >> people are angry, they're talking about the nuclear option. >> republicans continue their filibuster. >> democratic leader harry reid has threatened to invoke the nuclear option. >> so-called nuclear option. >> all we have to do is then the nuclear option. >> senate majority leader harry reid has gotten close to pushing the button on the nuclear option. >> but at the last moment, he's opted to talk things out instead. this time could be different. today, senate republicans blocked robert wilkins from joining the d.c. circuit court of appeals. it's the third nominee in a row that republicans have full bustered and they filibustered these appointments not because of the nominee's character or
in the latest polling from nbc news, where president obama's approval rating has fallen to an all-time low of 42%. that is a five-point drop from just earlier this month. these numbers, as bad as they are, don't necessarily exist in a vacuum. there's a lot more complexity to the current political environment, which in many ways is the story of american politics in the tea party era. >> let's talk about the president. >> between syria, between the shutdown, between obama care, how are his approval numbers stacking up? >> record lows. >> the president's approval rating dropped five points. >> at an all-time low. >> is this more than just the second-term curse? >> if he goes below where he is right now, he's going to be in george bush territory and that's hard to come back from. >> the latest nbc news poll does, indeed, find that the president's approval rating is at a five-year low, and it is true that his popularity rating is hovering where george bush's was five years into his presidency. but there's an important distinction about where their presidency and where their parties are at. in novembe
candidate for governor of virginia, ten cuccinelli, the cucc, was on the trail today ripping obama care, convinced, it seems, that this will be the issue that can catapult him to an improbable victory tomorrow. probably not going to happen, but bashing obama care is good politics if you're a republican right now. and it certainly helps when so much of the media is serving up incomplete reports about the affordable care act. is the flurry of coverage about obama care confusing you? well, we here at "all in" can help. here's our "viewer's guide to watching obama care coverage." when you see a report about someone being dropped from their insurance and not able to afford a replacement policy -- >> you've got millions of people being kicked off their plan. >> katherine says she found a plan on the health insurance marketplace that would cost them $178 a month, which she still considers a stretch for their budget. >> the question you should be asking is, does the person in this report qualify for subsidies on the newly created health exchange? someone like deborah cavalaro. >> i'd be paying
. and i think that it is incredibly appealing message to voters, and barack obama used this message to tremendous effect. of course, in that first big speech in 2004, the idea that politics, that the -- all the rancor of politics, and with the right person in place that can be wiped away. >> if he's leading that party, he might be able to remove some of the rancor. they're going to have to pick a presidential candidate in the next couple of years. and they'll begin to do it, and if they do it in one direction, that's one republican party. the problem is, the republican party is not dominated by the tea party, but it is dominated by them. they're scared to death to basically say we're the majority of our party, and they go along with the tail. the tail wags the dog. boehner is the example of that. he's not the head of the republican party in the congress, the tea party is. it's a good sign. if you like to see compromise, it would be a very bad sign if they didn't have a christie. in terms of popularity, peggy noonan can drive me crazy, but he said a lot of it is about the ability to
. but the most important thing that happened today was president obama marking a new chapter in the tempestuous frenemy-like relationship between the health insurance industry and his administration. from the very beginning, this has been one of the most complicated relationships in all of politics. up to and including the creation of the affordable care act, the insurance companies said they were on board with reform. they were also simultaneously funding the opposition. largest health care lobbying group in the country spent a total of $102.4 million in just 15 months to prevent obama care from becoming law in the first place. the obama administration and the health insurance companies viewed each other with deep skepticism, often outright hostility, and had deeply different priorities. but in the end, they needed each other and they probably still do. but the rollout of the affordable care act, insurance companies have used the transition to the new regime in the individual market to test just how much they can get away with. by pinning it on obama care. hence, the letters you've all been se
up for obama care through state and federal marketplaces so far. that, according to figures released by the obama administration today. those numbers come amid increasing pressure from republicans, who today once again took to capitol hill to berate the people working on fixing one thing, though, is clear. things look quite a bit different than they did just a short month ago. >> so usually it is the republicans who are united and the democrats that are divided. but this time democrats are solidly behind president obama. >> i have never seen the democrats as united in my life. >> democrats are united and ready to help in this shutdown. >> democrats are united. >> you have to say the by any objective standpoint, democrats are united. >> democrats are united. there is no democrat ready to break ranks. >> democrats in the house are united. >> again, democrats are united. >> and democrats now, politically have the luxury of both unity and clarity of vision. >> up until now, congressional democrats have held firm on obama care. for years, they held together through tea par
to the president's agenda. today, the court overturned an obama care provision mandating businesses cover their employees' birth control. this year, it invalidated the president's national labor relations board appointments, making the body nonfunctional. last year, it struck down epa rules on air pollution. all of that from this one court. now, republicans filibustering a nominee isn't new. what is new and dangerous is the reason. you see, the d.c. appellate court has 11 seats, three of those seats are now vacant. and the judges who are there reliablely deliver conservative rulings. if the president could appoint one judge, it would tip the court's balance. if he could fill all three vacancies, it would transform the court and all of american justice. but republicans are now saying that democrats can appoint no one to fill those vacancievacan. in fact, they are now saying that appointing people to fill vacancies is, get this, court packing. >> this court is not one that needs more judges. as he's trying to pack the court in order to affect the outcomes. >> packing the court because it ha
occurred during the obama administration. it's time to change the senate before this institution becomes obsolete. is the senate working now? can anyone say the senate is working now? i don't think so. today, democrats and independents are saying, enough is enough. >> enough is enough. republicans, rather predictively cried foul, and with their ability to filibuster at will taken away, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell was left to cry obama care and threatened, you just wait. >> basically, this is all the same debate. and rather than distract people from obama care, it only reinforces the narrative of a party that is willing to do and say just about anything to get its way. if you want to play games, set yet another precedent that you'll no doubt come to regret. and i say to my friends on the other side of the aisle, you'll regret this and you may regret it a lot sooner than you think. >> president obama himself, a former senator and a dyed in the wool institutionalist, like his vice president joe biden, has been very reluctant to muck with the rules. and so today, he came before th
, president obama said you can keep your plan. what do you think he meant? did he mean that insurers could not drop plans? i don't think people could have thought that, because it makes no sense. he also said you could keep your doctor, does that mean he's going to keep doctors from retiring or dying? presumably what he meant that the affordable care act would not directly cancel plans that were in effect. and it doesn't cancel plans that are in effect. it grandfathers all the plans that were in effect at the time the bill was passed. a lot of people running around, saying oh, my god, plans are being cancelled. okay, well, plans that were put in place after the aca was passed, the fact checker pointed out. the vast majority of these plans were just issued in the last year. so didn't the insurance companies tell them when they -- i just didn't see much of a story here. >> that question strikes me as a pretty fair one. you're humana, you're selling a policy to someone in early 2013, you know there's a whole regulatory frame work working its way through, and you have informed people talking t
was saying. >> i absolutely agree. it's an appealing message to voters, and barack obama used this message to a tremendous effect in that first big speech. the idea that politics, that all the rancor of politics is somehow lose 3, and with the right person in place, that could be wiped away. >> if he is leasing that party, he can remove some of the rancor. a year from now, they will begin to do it. they will begin to do it if they go in his direction. in the other direction, it's another. the problem is, the republican party is not dominated numerically by the tea party, but it is dominated strategically by them. they are scared to death to say, we are the majority. we are not tea party people. the tail wags the dog. >> ahead of the republican party in congress. the tea party is. christie may have the guts to take them on. that is a good sign. if you want to see christmas, it to be a bad sign if they did not have a christie. in terms of popularity, peggy noonan can drive me crazy, but she had a good point this weekend when she said the ability to connect with people. did you see the ads up
issues, and the other side, ken cuccinelli is running against obama care. he was making a case that this was going to be a referendum on dam obama care. but ken cuccinelli was too extreme for main stream voters in virginia. 53% of virginians said that ken cuccinelli was too liberal for their -- i think what you see is an electorate that may be concerned about obama care but is rooting for it to succeed. i would be very worried if there was national republicans, this is not an issue that's just a gimmie. >> terms of how they feel about obama care. when i think republicans misunderstand is this, they think obama care is an issue, that the voter has an opinion on obama care and that drives their voting behavior. it's the other way around, people are republicans or democrats, they're sort of disposed to lean one way or the other. that's the thing that's driving their opinion about obama care. >> that's exactly right. another thing that's happening now, the republicans a ought to be worried about in 2014, is that generally when you have voter anger against washington, that's all dir
's not fair. it's not right. >> republicans have settled on their latest anti-obama care message. if you like your health plan, you can keep it. and today they got a big boost from bill clinton. >> i personally believe even if it takes a change in the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people. >> drudge immediately seized on the comments. john boehner applauded the statement saying that democrats concerned about the president's broken promise should join republicans in voting to pass the keep your health plan act. that bill would allow insurance companies to continue try and sell that policy in the media, now the roles have been completely reversed. republican lawmakers now take their own legislative agenda straight from the conservative media talking point of the day. it's a legislative meth perfected during the shutdown. when republicans voted based solely on whatever was on fox the previous day. remember, it was the right wing media -- >> according to the daily caller, they say this is the first time in history that things have been totally
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Search Results 0 to 49 of about 78 (some duplicates have been removed)